Evolis Issengo ID Card Printer ( Single / Dual Sided )

Ultra-compact system of secure credit or debit card instant issuance.

  • The patented Kineclipse process masks any residual sensitive card holder data left on the printing ribbon,
  • Electromechanical locking system prevents access to the cards, ribbon, and internal parts of the machine
  • The Evolis Mosaic SDK and the embedded PC card allow secure communication with existing information systems.
  • The Issengo system combines advanced features, compacity, ease of use and seamless integration in branches.
  • The Issengo system is compact and can fit easily into any workspace in your branch.
  • Issengo issues flat debit and credit cards on demand, and complies with international banking security standards

Printing : Single-sided, Double-sided
Encoding : Magnetic stripes, Smart contact, Smart contactless
Card lifespan : 1-3 years
Number of cards per year : Between 5,000 and 30,000
Card security level : Standard

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