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Are you tired of manually inputting data into your ERP system? Are you facing difficulties in implementing the right ERP for your organization? Do you find it frustrating to only generate reports for review meetings?

Chose our products-to solve your problems!!!

Our ERP system can be easily integrated with IoT systems and other third-party applications. By utilizing machine learning and data analytics, we can help you address your challenges effectively.


Discover Effective Software Solutions for Your Business
Are you tired of the tedious task of manual data entry into your ERP system? Are you facing challenges in implementing the right ERP for your organization? Do you find generating reports for review meetings frustrating? Look no further! Choose our cutting-edge products to effortlessly solve your problems!

Streamlined ERP Integration and Enhanced Efficiency
Our ERP solution offers seamless integration with IoT systems and third-party applications, making data management a breeze. Harness the power of machine learning and data analytics to tackle your business challenges effectively.

Hashtag: Your Comprehensive Cloud-Based Solution
Introducing Hashtag, a cloud-based application designed to manage sales, purchases, inventory, production, quality control, and accounting for your company. We have simplified integration with renowned ERP platforms like SAP and Oracle, ensuring a smooth transition. Experience the convenience of sensor integration and cloud computing through AWS IoT Cloud. Moreover, we offer dedicated mobile applications for streamlined production line management and report generation.

Embrace Versatility with Multi-Model Processes
Our hybrid application supports both cloud server and on-premise ERP systems, granting you the flexibility to choose the setup that best suits your business needs.

Transform your business with our powerful software solutions today!

Sectors where ERP and IOT system can be implemented:
- E-commerce
- Trading based Firms
- Agriculture
- Distribution and Supply chain Management
- Pharma
- Foundry and forging Industries
- Civil and IT Infra
- Manufacturing sector- Assembly and Fabrication lines